An easy-going, positive brand on a mission to make you feel good.

Our philosophy is easy: Simplify. Motivate. Inspire. 

Original Creator is founded on the belief that we’re all masters of our own destiny. We know that the
first step to achieving your goals is looking the part and feeling
confident at the same time. We wanted to create a clothing brand that you can count on, whatever you aim to achieve and wherever you might be.

To do that, our items needed to be three things: functional, practical and
appealing (with plenty of pockets). We’re so much more than just another fashion brand. Crafted by experts, designing clothes is part of our DNA. We choose to only work with people and places that are aligned with our values and support our mission to minimise our impact on the environment, whilst creating items that are of the highest quality and don’t cost the earth. 

We proudly have over 25 years’ experience in textiles and manufacturing.

Our deep origins from the industrial mills of Manchester have enabled us to create quality, timeless and practical pieces designed to be worn time and time again.

Born in the heart of Manchester and made in Pakistan

Original Creator is built on a community of highly skilled individuals. From fabricproducers to ginners, spinners, and garment specialists, our pieces are created with the finest attention to detail. 

​Considerately created, our items are made from high-quality materials
and trims, sealed with a water repellent coating and wrapped in eco
packaging. Whether you’re running on a treadmill, to the shops or to a
meeting, our clothing is ready for whatever your day brings. 

There’s so much more to purchasing an Original Creator item than you think. By doing so you’re supporting a large ecosystem of ethical manufacturing where everyone in the supply chain benefits. We also appreciate you following us on socials; it helps us improve and work towards designing new collections of quality pieces that will last a lifetime.