How can I contact Original Creator?

It’s easy! Send us an email info@theoriginalcreator.com.au

What makes Original Creator different?

We’re here because we're passionate about making high quality clothes that will last a lifetime. We want you to feel good and look good in our stuff. A lot of care goes into our designs and fabrics; we're always working towards making sure Original Creator is made in the most ethical ways, without sacrificing your pocket.

Am I an Original Creator?

Of course! An Original Creator is anyone with a vision or goal; whatever it might be. We’re here for the late nights, the early mornings and everything in-between. Whether you’re in an office or always on the go, we’re here for the hustlers and big dreamers.

Where's Original Creator made?

Original Creator is made in Faisalabad, Pakistan, through a vertical knitwear factory, meaning not only do they manufacture the clothes but they create the materials from start to finish too. That way, we can keep track of your hoodie every step of the way. Our zips and eyelets are produced in China with certified suppliers to make sure that our super high standard runs throughout all our styles.

Why so many zips?

Since when were too many zips a bad thing?! We’re all about practicality and functionality. We wanted to make sure your Holy Trinity was taken care of: keys, phone, wallet (not to mention chewing gum packets, maybe a vape and those standard scrunched up receipts).

We’ve made sure there’s room for you to carry everything with you, without ruining the shape of your clothing. This is a no baggy pockets zone.

What does ‘water-resistant up to 10 washes’ mean?

Original Creator items are made of cotton; a great raw material for active people, but it doesn’t t protect you from rainy days and thunderstorms. We’ve added a special coating on top of the fabric to help delay the absorption of water, keeping you fly and dry.

As any finishing applied on top of fabric, it only lasts a certain number of washes. So basically, don't put it in the washing machine too often. Be gentle with it. It has feelings too.

Okay, but how is your superior quality still affordable?

We created a business plan that cuts out the middleman, allowing us to build relationships with the factories directly. That way, your wardrobe benefits but your pocket does too. You’re welcome.

Why aren’t returns included?

We’re able to keep our prices low partly because we don’t offer free returns. In Australia, one-third of online shopping is returned. Obviously, this creates massive waste which we really don’t want to be a part of.

Please look at our size guides to find your ideal fit and hopefully, there will be no need to return anything.

So, why’s the item in a plastic bag?

Our bags are made with oxo-bio plastics which can be reused and recycled. Oxo-biodegradable technology converts plastic products into biodegradable materials at the end of their useful life. It does this by oxidation in the presence of oxygen. So, it might look like general old plastic, but it's much more.

Are the colours different on-screen vs in reality?

The colours may vary ever so slightly, but rest assured our eagle-eyed quality team monitor the colours before any items are sent out for delivery.

How do I provide positive feedback?

Why, thank you! We love a compliment (or two). Please leave any feedback for the team on Trustpilot, Google, instagram and Tiktok. We'd also like to hear any not-so-positive feedback too, it all helps.


How can I track my order?

Once your order is complete, you’ll receive a confirmation email with tracking details.

Where's my order?

If you’re still waiting for your order after the estimated delivery time, please use the chat box or email info@theoriginalcreator.com.au

Help! There's something missing from my order

Sometimes, mistakes happen. Please use the chat box or email info@theoriginalcreator.com.au and we’ll sort it out ASAP.

How do I use my promo-code?

Promo codes can be added to your order at the start of checkout. Just type it into the discount code box. Easy.

Returns & Delivery

Do you do international delivery?

At the moment, we are only delivering in Australia. However, as we grow bigger we aim to deliver in all major regions of Asia Pacific like New Zealand, Indonesia, Malaysia etc.

Oops. I need to change my delivery address!

Don’t panic. Just message us using the chat box or email info@theoriginalcreator.com.au with your order number and new postage details. We'll sort it.

What happens if no-one is available to receive the parcel?

If after numerous delivery attempts from our logistics provider, they are unsuccessful in delivering your parcel to you. The parcel will be returned to us and you will be refunded in full.

Why don't you include returns?

Part of our strategy to keep prices low is not to include the cost of returns. In Australia, one-third of online shopping is returned. Obviously, this creates massive waste which we really don’t want to be a part of.
We hope that when you buy from us you are happy with your shopping and won’t need to return it.
Please look at the size guides to find your ideal fit and we promise to give you the most detailed images and videos for you to make a wise decision.

What's your returns policy?

We’re happy to refund or exchange an item, providing it’s in a fully re-saleable condition. Returns should be made within 14 days in their original, undamaged packaging.


Is the Original Creator hiring?

The best way to find out is by visiting our LinkedIn page. We’re always up for hearing from interesting, passionate, talented people. Just pop us an email telling us a bit about yourself info@theoriginalcreator.com.au


I'm having trouble logging in

1 - Please check you’re using the same email address as when you first signed up

2 - If you’ve forgotten your password and would like to reset it, just follow the link